Sorry, our Web site is down, but we're working quickly to restore it. Thank you for your patience.

We're not sure what caused it, and we've heard several conflicting eyewitness reports. Depending on who you believe, our site went down because:

  • Goat Renter Guy herded his bramble-eaters into our computer room while trying to elude Ellensburg Bowhunter (definitely not cool), and they promptly chewed our cable modem.

  • Perennial Pressure Washer got a little rambunctious while cleaning and tried to blast coffee stains and donut sprinkles off our Web server.

  • P-Patch People cut City Lights main power line while digging a broccoli garden next door.

  • We think the most trustworthy report is that Ponytailed Software Geek, who maintains our site, has been hunkered down in his basement for six days, fighting a marathon Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 battle.

the goat
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