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About Cascade Area Business Neighbors

Cascade Area Business Neighbors (CABN) is an informal gathering of business people and property owners in the Cascade and South Lake Union area of Seattle. The neighborhood is home to diverse businesses and services, including printers, florists, engineers, biotech labs, restaurants and cafes, day-care centers, and private schools, as well as property owners and many employees.

The purpose of CABN meetings is to discuss important issues affecting the Cascade neighborhood. Topics vary every meeting and include citywide and regional issues, such as land use, political campaigns, controversial ordinances, local sports teams, commuter rail proposals, and health care reform. You're automatically a member of CABN if your business or property is in the Cascade/South Lake Union area.

Be an active CABN member:

Simply attend our quarterly meetings, usually scheduled 7:15-8:30 a.m. on a weekday. There are no fees, no dues, no committees, and no bylaws.

You'll receive an announcement two weeks before each CABN meeting. Please RSVP, since we must arrange for the meeting room and food. E-mail cabn@pemco.com.

PEMCO provides its facilities for CABN. You're welcome to park on the top floor of PEMCO's parking garage. Enter from Eastlake Avenue through the breezeway.

Click here for a map.

If you are new to the area, or aren't receiving our notices, contact us at (206) 628-4315 or e-mail us at cabn@pemco.com.

Get involved in your local business community — join us at Cascade Area Business Neighbors meetings!

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