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What's new in the Northwest?

Northwest residents fear online crime but dismiss dumpster diving and mail theft   Released 10/15/2014
Most Northwest residents think teens don’t catch enough Zzzs   Released 9/17/2014
Re-routing: Northwest drivers think navigating is less distracting than talking, texting   Released 8/20/2014
Northwesterners prefer running, hiking over cycling, but only if it’s sunny   Released 7/15/2014
Twinsies! PEMCO Insurance welcomes second recognition from J.D. Power for ranking highest in customer satisfaction   Released 6/23/2014
Heads up – distracted pedestrians may spell danger for drivers   Released 6/18/2014
Many Eastern Washington residents fear that weekenders aren’t ready for wildfire   Released 5/13/2014
PEMCO poll reveals many teens drove, and drank, on prom night   Released 4/16/2014
Will I-90 tolls shuffle the region’s commute – or are we just bluffing?   Released 3/20/2014
Northwest drivers admit to cheating state texting laws   Released 2/19/2014
Are Northwest drivers as courteous as they think they are?   Released 1/23/2014
Northwest drivers still claim to drive safely, comfortably in snow   Released 12/11/2013
Washington residents deck the halls with energy efficiency   Released 11/13/2013
Top 10 things you should do now to winterproof your home   Released 10/30/2013
Poll shows Northwest has short leash for therapy dogs   Released 9/19/2013
Though affordable, first cars often lack important safety features for new drivers   Released 8/22/2013
Most Northwest residents still keep landline phones for emergencies   Released 7/23/2013
Most families celebrate with July 4 fireworks, but not all know the limits   Released 6/27/2013
PEMCO ranks highest for customer satisfaction in J.D. Powers study   Released 6/25/2013
PEMCO and Schoolhouse Supplies award teachers   Released 6/7/2013
Of drivers who hit parked cars, nearly half don’t always leave notes   Released 5/29/2013
Northwest drivers avoid excuses, and tickets, during traffic stops   Released 4/18/2013
PEMCO Insurance suggests simple – but often overlooked – child safety tips   Released 3/21/2013
Northwest drivers say they’re free from distraction, but fear other drivers   Released 2/27/2013
Idling cars and frosty windshields pose risks to Northwest winter drivers   Released 1/31/2013
Fact or folklore: Northwest residents divided on belief in Sasquatch   Released 12/19/2012
One in three drivers undeterred by Columbia River Crossing tolls   Released 11/28/2012
“I Don’t Need Sunscreen Guy” wins PEMCO’s Northwest Profiles video contest   Released 11/12/2012
Do men who drive red cars really pay more for car insurance?   Released 10/31/2012
PEMCO partners with Schoolhouse Supplies to thank Oregon educators   Released 10/19/2012
PEMCO Poll: Many Puget Sound drivers are unfazed by 520 tolls   Released 10/3/2012
PEMCO turns to local residents for the next Northwest Profile   Released 9/17/2012
As summer wanes in the Northwest, so do drivers’ tempers   Released 9/5/2012
PEMCO Poll finds residents can do more to prevent neighborhood crime   Released 8/7/2012
PEMCO Poll shows Northwest drivers disagree on self-service gas laws   Released 7/20/2012
Young residents often ill-prepared for household emergencies   Released 6/29/2012
Bike boxes help Northwest drivers and cyclists share the road   Released 5/17/2012
Northwest residents rely on their own vigilance to protect identities   Released 4/19/2012
Oregon parents set strict guidelines for teen drivers   Released 3/23/2012
Are hybrid vehicles a Northwest rarity?   Released 2/29/2012
PEMCO welcomes “Flawless Firewood Stacker,” “Portland Food Cartlandian” to beloved “We’re A Lot Like You” campaign   Released 2/9/2012
Prevent water damage caused by melting snow   Released 1/18/2012
If a neighbor’s tree falls on your house, whose insurance pays?   Released 12/21/2011
Portland Drivers Beware: One in Three Chance Car Next to You Driven by Distracted Driver   Released 11/17/2011
PEMCO partners with Portlanders to support Schoolhouse Supplies   Released 10/15/2011
Most Northwest drivers believe police allow a “speeding buffer” on freeways   Released 10/14/2011
Washington State University honors PEMCO with education award   Released 10/3/2011
Buckle up kids in the back seat, says PEMCO Insurance   Released 9/22/2011
Fuel-saving Northwest drivers are motivated by greenbacks, not being ‘green’   Released 8/18/2011
PEMCO wins three awards for advertising and communications   Released 7/25/2011
It’s the law: Keep right except to pass   Released 7/20/2011
Know the rules before burning outdoors this summer   Released 6/30/2011
PEMCO Insurance announces first policy sold in Oregon   Released 6/9/2011
Poll finds many Washingtonians believe Sasquatch, UFOs are real   Released 6/1/2011
Younger residents more vulnerable to identity theft   Released 5/11/2011
Washingtonians care deeply about water usage, poll reveals   Released 4/22/2011
Washington drivers confused about HOV lanes, abuse lane privileges   Released 3/31/2011
PEMCO Insurance and the Sounders FC team up to host 2011 Foos Cup   Released 3/15/2011
Washington drivers claim to be safer, comfortable driving in snow   Released 2/23/2011
Jaywalkers deserve consequences, PEMCO Poll reveals   Released 2/21/2011
PEMCO welcomes new Northwest Profiles   Released 1/17/2011
PEMCO Poll: Drivers admit they say ‘bah humbug’ instead of ‘ho ho ho’   Released 12/15/2010
Top-five tips to prevent freezing damage to your home and car   Released 11/23/2010
Nov. 15 windstorm relatively minor says Storm Index   Released 11/18/2010
Solar Pie marks full year of generating power on PEMCO roof   Released 10/11/2010 wins "WebAward" for outstanding achievment   Released 9/28/2010
Traffic cameras instill caution in Washington drivers   Released 9/22/2010
PEMCO teams with Seahawks again for “Supercharged Seahawks Fan” contest   Released 9/8/2010
Washington drivers agree: Texting and talking while driving don’t mix   Released 8/18/2010
PEMCO earns awards for outstanding marketing and communications   Released 8/3/2010
Sounders FC and PEMCO launch youth membership program   Released 7/26/2010
With STP around the corner, drivers report unease with bicyclists on the road   Released 7/14/2010
More SR 520 drivers will switch to the bus   Released 6/24/2010
PEMCO and Sounders FC pair up for second season   Released 5/24/2010
Tougher laws wanted for teen drivers   Released 4/13/2010
PEMCO launches redesigned websites, online quote tool   Released 3/11/2010
Hand-held cell-phone usage climbs   Released 3/2/2010
Washington drivers know their alcohol limits   Released 1/27/2010
Frigid weather ranks high on Storm index   Released 12/16/2009
Oil changes reduce costly repairs   Released 12/1/2009
PEMCO unveils kilt-wearer, three other ads   Released 11/2/2009
Prevent water damage in your home   Released 10/1/2009
PEMCO renews Seahawks fan contest   Released 9/30/2009
Pardon me, are you a polite driver?   Released 9/10/2009
More Washingtonians texting while driving   Released 8/25/2009
Seattleites oppose "green" bag tax   Released 7/29/2009
PEMCO earns advertising awards   Released 7/7/2009
Older drivers more savvy to traffic laws   Released 5/19/2009
Sounders fans to meet "Goat Renter Guy" goats   Released 4/10/2009
Renters aren't insuring their stuff   Released 3/19/2009
PEMCO's newest Northwest profiles debut   Released 1/29/2009
Recent storms 5th worst on PEMCO Storm Index   Released 1/28/2009
New 520 bridge may take a toll on other roads   Released 1/26/2009
PEMCO's tips to prepare for thawing snow   Released 12/23/2008
Tips to prepare for a winter windstorm   Released 12/19/2008
Top-three tips to prevent cold-weather woes   Released 12/16/2008
Washington drivers: the right way to abandon your car in a snowstorm   Released 12/12/2008
PEMCO, PSC extend free bus rides for kids   Released 11/19/2008
Support wanes for stronger cell-phone law   Released 11/11/2008
PEMCO sponsors shredding event to benefit Camp Fire   Released 10/16/2008
PEMCO, Seahawks announce contest to benefit Children's   Released 10/10/2008
Make your neighborhood safer with block watch   Released 8/1/2008
PEMCO donation to Children's caps coffee promotion   Released 7/22/2008
Are you vulnerable to identity theft?   Released 7/18/2008
Washingtonians think cell-phone law falls short   Released 6/26/2008
PEMCO ads win Soundie awards   Released 5/21/2008
Live operators now answer calls to PEMCO   Released 4/20/2008
PEMCO and Tully's help Children's with coffee   Released 3/18/2008
Pacific Science Center and PEMCO Insurance team up to bring science and kids together   Released 3/11/2008
Washington drivers: the right way to abandon your car in a snowstorm   Released 1/28/2008
PEMCO recognized for third straight year by J.D. Power and Associates   Released 1/9/2008
Poll finds tension between cyclists, drivers   Released 11/6/2007
PEMCO Insurance again tops consumer survey   Released 11/5/2007
Introducing: PEMCO ID Smart for identity fraud   Released 10/8/2007
New PEMCO campaign celebrates our quirky characters   Released 9/11/2007
Picking the right driving school a difficult choice   Released 8/8/2007
Most speeders are "keeping up with traffic"   Released 6/27/2007
Washington drivers want cell-phone law   Released 4/10/2007
DUIs bring financial and emotional impact   Released 3/16/2007
PEMCO again earns J.D. Power recognition   Released 12/14/2006
Beware of using casual laborers   Released 12/12/2006
Don't get soaked buying a flood-damaged car   Released 11/14/2006
Do your home work   Released 10/17/2006
Most home renters forgo insurance   Released 8/8/2006
Rental car insurance: buy it or not?   Released 6/12/2006
Beware of false expectations about hybrid cars   Released 4/10/2006
PEMCO recognized by J.D. Power and Associates   Released 2/21/2006
Don't pay for duplicate towing services   Released 2/8/2006
Holiday decorating creates fire risks   Released 12/7/2005
Washington homeowners lack fire-safety preparedness   Released 11/17/2005
PEMCO launches new teen-driving initiative   Released 11/1/2005
Most Washington residents lack home inventory   Released 9/27/2005
Homeowners claim preventable but rarely checked   Released 9/7/2005
Insure special needs for summer vacation   Released 8/8/2005
Drivers speed to "go with the flow"   Released 6/7/2005
Drivers want changes in cell phone laws   Released 5/2/2005
PEMCO poll examines teen driving   Released 4/4/2005
Adjust head restraints to prevent injury   Released 11/15/2004
Vulcan/PEMCO start construction on Alley24   Released 9/21/2004
PEMCO offers Arson Alarm reward   Released 8/3/2004
Thurston County drivers most responsible   Released 6/24/2004
Eating while driving unsafe, but common   Released 5/10/2004
Poll finds most drivers speed   Released 3/24/2004
Drivers consider cell phone use unsafe   Released 2/18/2004
Uninsured drivers still a presence on the road   Released 10/8/2003
GMA survey names PEMCO "the best"   Released 9/19/2003
PEMCO does not use Colossus   Released 5/16/2003
PEMCO to develop property   Released 1/27/2003
Prepare for heavy windstorm   Released 12/27/2002
Home-protection tips for 'snowbirds'   Released 12/19/2002
Holiday car-prowling prevention tips   Released 12/18/2002
Most-preventable homeowners claims   Released 9/27/2002
PEMCO Classic shuffles lineup   Released 7/22/2002
PEMCO vintage hydros return for Seafair   Released 6/25/2002
PEMCO launches edgy ad campaign   Released 3/18/2002
Tips for home buyers   Released 3/18/2002
Golden Apple Awards honor educators   Released 2/21/2002
PEMCO Classic returns for Seafair   Released 1/30/2002
PEMCO prompts fewest complaints   Released 1/8/2001
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