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Solar energy in cloudy Seattle? Yes!

Solar Pie data on PEMCO's rooftop sign

Our time and temperature sign on the Seattle headquarters has been an I-5 marker for decades. Now, the sign displays additional data, from home-sized solar panels on our roof. Thanks to the efforts of a not-for-profit called Solar Pie, PEMCO’s sign shows the amount of electricity being generated – as well as “carbon offsets” – by the solar panels.

Meter displays clock and solar savingsDuring daylight hours the sign shows kilowatts being generated. At night, it shows reductions in carbon emissions made possible by the solar panels. Web surfers also can track the data.

Solar Pie plans to launch similar projects in major cities across the United States to clearly demonstrate the benefits of solar power, and to inspire people everywhere to consider solar power as a source for clean, sustainable energy.

Solar PieThe PEMCO Seattle Solar Pie Project is also made possible by Seattle-based contractor McKinstry, project managers; and Seattle City Light and the Seattle Department of Planning and Development, regulatory oversight.

PEMCO is pleased to support Solar Pie in educating the public that solar energy works, even in cloudy Seattle.

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