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Rock chip or a cracked window on your car?
Glass repair is fast and easy with PEMCO.

If you’re a PEMCO customer and need glass repair, we recommend you choose a glass shop in your area that’s certified by the National Glass Association – for example, Speedy, Safelite, and Novus.

Of course, you’re always free to choose any shop you want, and we can give you background on many of them. If you’re unsure and would like a recommendation, call us at 1-800-467-3626.

When you go to a recommended glass shop, the repair process should be fast and easy. The shop can determine your coverage and deductible (if any) online, and once the repairs are done, the shop will submit an online invoice to PEMCO. It’s that simple.

Glass-chip repair does not require a deductible. We encourage repair, which leaves the windshield (and its factory seal) intact, rather than glass replacement whenever possible.

In case of an accident

Safety first. Stop. Determine if there are any injuries. Call 911 for help, if needed.

Move your car to the side of the road, if possible. Step away from traffic.

Limit statements. Exchange insurance information, but don't discuss responsibility for the accident with anyone except the police. Don't discuss policy limits with anyone.

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Record pertinent facts:

Date, time, location, names, addresses, and telephone numbers of registered owners, injured people, occupants of other cars, and witnesses description and license numbers of other cars involved.

From a safe location, report the accident to the police.

Then call PEMCO: 1‑800‑GO‑PEMCO (1‑800‑467‑3626).

How to report a home claim

You can report a claim 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply call 1-800-GO PEMCO (1-800-467-3626), and a PEMCO representative will take your information and offer initial advice. You also can report your claim by mail or e‑mail.

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Earthquake resources

Earthquakes are a real hazard for most Washingtonians. Because they strike with little or no warning, it is imperative to start preparing now. The following booklets, all of which can be printed off of your home printer, can help you make your home and family as safe as possible.


Government assistance (external link)

If you have any questions, please contact us at
1-800-GO-PEMCO (1-800-467-3626).

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