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6 surprising prom night stats and trends

Tuesday, April 12, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

Trends for teens on Prom nightIt’s prom season in the Northwest, and over the years, the stats and trends surrounding the high school rite of passage never cease to amaze us.

If prom talk isn’t overwhelming your household yet, here are some conversation starters for you and your teens.

  1. Total spending for the event could cost around $1,000. According to the 2015 Visa Prom Spending Survey, the nationwide average for prom spending was $919 last year. Ouch.

  2. 79% of teens either drove themselves or rode with peers to prom, according to our 2014 PEMCO poll of 1,000 Washington and Oregon drivers. That seems fine until you read the next stat about drinking and driving.

  3. One in five Northwest drivers say they drank on prom night. Motorists should be concerned because teen drivers already are more distracted than adults, and statistics show that distractions and crashes increase with each additional teen passenger who rides in the car. Drinking compounds that problem.

  4. $130 could give parents peace of mind. If several couples will travel to the prom together, splitting the cost of a limo, town car or luxury rideshare service can improve teen safety on prom night. Our favorite safe driving tip for prom night? Ditch the car, and take a limo instead.

  5. Introducing: the promposal. A simple “will you go to prom with me?” is no longer the norm. Teens now think up clever ways to ask their dates. Parents, lend a hand with your creativity! Can you top singing telegrams, scavenger hunts, choreographed dances, or a miniature goat? (yes, really!)

  6. Budget proms are having a moment. If $300 dresses and $50 corsages are out of the question, help your teen set a budget and consider budget-friendly ideas like: purchase clothes at a consignment shop, make garden-grown corsages and boutonnieres, join forces with other parents to host a sit-down dinner for a group of teens, or setting up an at-home photo booth.

What has surprised you most about prom season?

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