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Cosmic Crisp apple rights won by 24 growers

Friday, October 10, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

Last April we told you about a new apple variety, later named Cosmic Crisp, bred specifically by WSU researchers for Washington’s soil and climate.
   The apple, a hybrid between Honeycrisp and Enterprise, earned rave reviews for its taste and texture.
   On Tuesday, 24 growers won a lottery to get the first Cosmic Crisp trees, which will be ready in 2017. The winners should feel lucky: 445 apple farmers applied for that lottery.
   All 24 winners own orchards east of the Cascades. That includes five Wenatchee growers; four in Yakima; two each in Grandview, Mesa, and Wapato; and others scattered from Kennewick to Oroville and points in between.
   Red Delicious once were the favored apple variety, but in recent years American consumers have opted for varieties developed in distant soil – Honeycrisp (Minnesota), Fujis (Japan), Galas (New Zealand), and Granny Smiths (Australia).
   Gary Cox, who owns vineyards in the Yakima River Canyon, plans to market hard cider called Cosmic Crisp Cider. Read the Yakima Herald-Republic article.

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