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Meteor blast: Does insurance cover you?

Friday, February 15, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

If a meteorite struck the Northwest, as happened in Russia today, would your insurance cover the damage?
   Yes, if it struck your home, and you have a homeowners policy. And yes, it would cover your vehicle if you have an auto policy with Comprehensive coverage.
   If the meteorite blasted a hole in your backyard, "covered property" does not include the land itself.
   Today's event in Russia injured 1,100 people, blew out doors and windows, and collapsed a roof. Scientists blame the concussion caused by sonic booms as the meteorite streaked through the atmosphere at more than 33,000 mph. It's reminiscent of the great 1908 Tunguska blast, where a much larger meteorite or comet exploded with the energy of a 10-megaton bomb over Siberia and flattened trees for 830 square miles.
   Watch a video montage of today's event, see the hole made by a meteorite fragment in a frozen lake, and read details from nbcnews.com.




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