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Seahawks pride supplants Old Glory for awhile

Monday, February 3, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

Seattle is giddy over its Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seahawks.
   Following yesterday’s 43-8 Seahawks pasting of the Broncos, ESPN anchor Chris Berman teased Pete Carroll about 12th Man mania. Berman said that during his recent visit to Seattle, he thought the city might have “seceded from the Union” because 12th Man flags flew everywhere in lieu of the Stars and Stripes.
   Driving from Redmond to Seattle for work this morning, blue and white symbols of Seahawks pride infused the landscape.
   I saw little 12th Man flags flapping atop car roofs.  Placards in windows. “Super Bowl champs” on reader boards.
   Merging onto southbound I-5, giant flags came into view: atop the Space Needle. Above our PEMCO roof. On the Metropolitan Tower. Atop Two Union Square, downtown condos, and construction cranes.
   I soaked in radio commentary from across the country, hungry for the national perspective on the Seahawks win. One pundit said Peyton Manning "tried to throw in the towel, but Seattle intercepted it."
   Suddenly the news-media bandwagon is lavishing praise on Seattle’s youthful team and using words like “dynasty,” predicting two, three, or four Super Bowls in succession.
   Enjoy it while it lasts, Hawk fans. As the 1979 NBA champion Sonics will tell you, getting to the top is hard enough. It’s even tougher to stay there.
   Go Hawks!

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