WALLY heads to Wenatchee for the Apple Blossom Parade


This past weekend, the WALLY team was excited to parade through the streets of Wenatchee for the 93rd Annual Apple Blossom Parade. People from all over the state crowded the streets to celebrate the culmination of a weeks’ worth of festivities in the city.

The WALLY team drove the WALLY van in the parade, which was hard to miss, and we gave out our collectable Northwest Profile trading cards! WALLY wasn’t alone, as there were many fantastic floats with themes ranging from the chicken dance to the Little Mermaid to pirates and much, much more.

While waiting in line for the parade to begin, we had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of parade participants, including Marysville Strawberry Festival Senior Royalty Prince Derek Groves, Queen Madison Doty and Prince Israel Lopez .

Marysville Strawberry Festival Royalty with their very own NW Profile Trading cards

However, perhaps the most exciting people we spoke with called themselves the Seafair Pirates. These men were decked out (pun intended) head to toe in pirate gear, and they even had their very own pirate ship. Their enthusiasm for their float and for the parade definitely has us considering them as a future Northwest Profile. They were tons of fun to watch and interact with, and we’re hoping to run into them again in a few months at the Greenwood Seafair Parade!

WALLY's hittin' the road and the team hopes to see you at our next event!

by  Justin Dellinger



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