WALLY joins as Portland takes the Plunge


For those who call the Northwest home, cold weather and a little bit of rain doesn’t scare us away. We often partake in activities rain or shine, in warm weather and cold. For the WALLY team, winter is especially exciting since many of the events we attend aren’t just a lot of fun, but they often include some element of adventure and wackiness too! 

We were excited to head down to Portland this past weekend and attend the Portland Polar Plunge. We witnessed wackiness at it's finest, when many Portlandians took the plunge into the frigid Columbia River!

From the moment we arrived, we could feel the excitement in the air.  Many of the plungers were in small teams, all dressing in matching outfits.  One plunger even sported the look of our very own Socks and Sandals Guy. Needless to say the Northwest vibe was not lacking here.

We quickly learned of a special group called ‘super-plungers’ who had been making the crisp dive into the river once every hour for 24 hours!  This was one crazy group!

The event was a fun time for everyone involved, and it benefited a great cause.  Sponsored by Oregon Law Enforcement, the Polar Plunge benefits the Special Olympics of Oregon.  We loved seeing teams of law enforcement officers take the plunge! But, it was the fundraising for the Special Olympics that really made the event memorable.  From the many participants and donations, the Portland Polar Plunge raised over $251,000!

Even though we stayed firmly planted on dry ground, seeing the many brave souls take that freezing dive was a time we definitely enjoyed.

by  Mason Luvera



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