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Sounders vs. Chivas USA: Fan Appreciation Night

Monday, October 18, 2010by  WALLY Team

Last Friday the Seattle Sounders had more on the agenda than just beating Chivas USA. The team paid tribute to the best fan base in the MLS at Fan Appreciation Night by the by signing autographs and throwing flowers into the crowd. In the spirit of fan appreciation, Peter, Steven, and I took a few moments to reflect on what it is about "I Know I Am, I'm Sure I Am" Sounders FC Fans that consistently makes match night the highlight of our week.

Here is a poem that we hope captures the vigor and warmth of passionate people we've gotten to know over the past two seasons.

Going Green

Going green is what makes Seattle the best,
It means much more than driving a hybrid to Qwest,
It shines from their rave green wigs and painted faces,
From the tips of their fluttering flags to electricity yellow laces.

It's easy to spot at the PEMCO booth,
Smiling for a photo, really showing some tooth,
A special moment now a souvenir picture,
A first time fan now a permanent fixture.

There are people in public looking outrageous,
Be careful, be warned, their spirit's contagious.
But it's going to happen, yeah that's what's up,
They're fueling the Sounders to the MLS Cup!

Sounders FC fans stopping by WALLY van for souvenir photo 

Stopping by the WALLY 1 van for a souvenir photo is a hat trick for these fans.

We'll be back at Qwest for the next home playoff game on October 31. The only Halloween treat we're after is a Sounders victory!

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