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February 2019

Keep your Super Bowl guests safe and sober

Not every collision on Super Bowl Sunday happens on the field. In the first hour after the game ends, drunk-driving accidents spike by about 70% compared with other winter Sundays.


Caller ID isn't foolproof or spoofproof

In the midst of your busy day, you'd never answer an obvious junk call from "Vacation Club America" or "Sweepstakes Central." But you wouldn't think twice about picking up if Caller ID showed it was your doctor, daughter, bank or even a local law enforcement agency. And scammers know it.


House Rules 101: Can I trim branches from a tree that overhangs my property?

Generally, yes. But don't stop reading there. Degree matters. It's one thing to snip the ends of a few branches that have encroached on your gutters.


The top five reasons homeowners and renters get sued

One of the most valuable – and overlooked – benefits of homeowners and renter insurance is liability coverage. It protects you if someone gets hurt on your property or you accidentally damage someone else's property. It can even pay your legal defense costs if you're sued.


Wintertime hacks to carry you through until spring

If you're among the winter-weary, take heart: Spring's a mere seven weeks away. These six no- or low-cost homeowner hacks can help get you to the finish line


How to jumpstart a car – or not

It's one of those things you feel like you SHOULD know how to do. But is jumpstarting your car's dead battery an essential skill? Nope, says PEMCO's Claims team.


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