Do drivers camp in the left lane more or less than 5 years ago?

These questions are about driving on interstate or state highways when the traffic flows at the posted speed limit. Under those conditions, if a person in the left lane is driving at least the posted speed limit, do you think it’s a ticketable offense to drive at a pace that blocks other drivers from using that lane to pass slower vehicles?
All OR
53 52 Yes, it’s a ticketable offense
37 37 No, it’s not
10 11 Don’t know
How often do you see slower drivers using the left lane when other drivers want to use that lane to pass?
All OR
35 36 Often
48 47 Sometimes
14 15 Rarely
1 1 Never
2 1 Don’t know
Based on anything you may have seen, heard or read, compared to other regions in the U.S., do you think this behavior, sometimes called left-lane camping, happens more often or less often in the Northwest?
All OR
12 11 It happens way more often in the Northwest than it does in other regions
22 22 It happens a little more often
35 33 There’s no difference
9 10 It happens a little less often
3 4 It happens way less often
19 20 Don’t know
Considering the time you spend driving on interstate and state highways, how regularly do you find yourself driving too slow in the left-hand lane and blocking other drivers from using it as a passing lane? (Based on those who ever drive on interstates or state highways)
All OR
1 1 Often
11 10 Sometimes
41 43 Rarely
45 44 Never
2 2 Don’t know