Discounts For Northwest Drivers

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Auto coverage discounts that go the extra mile

PEMCO offers a wide variety of discounts on auto coverage, often for things you're already doing, so your coverage is priced competitively.

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Auto Plus Home Discount

Insure both your auto and home (whether you own or rent) with PEMCO, and save on both.

Auto Plus Mariner Discount (Currently available in Washington)

Insure both your auto and boat with PEMCO and you can save on both!

Auto Plus Umbrella Discount (Currently available in Washington)

Save even more on your auto insurance when you add the extra liability protection of an umbrella policy to your auto and home.

PEMCODOMETER My Driving Discount

Save with safe-driving habits like making smooth starts and stops, driving the speed limit and putting down your phone. Here’s how.

Educator Discount

You qualify even if you’re not a teacher. Save if you work for a school (public or private), community college or university, and keep the discount when you retire.

Good Student Discount

Full-time students ages 16–24 who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher can save.

Away At School Discount

You’ll save if your student attends school more than 75 miles from home and does not have a car at school.

Defensive Driver Discount

Drivers ages 55 and above can save when they complete a certified defensive driving course.

Accident Forgiveness Benefit

If you’ve been a safe driver with PEMCO for five or more years, your rate won’t increase after your first accident. Plus, we offer accident forgiveness to each driver on your policy, not just once per policy.

Minor Ticket Forgiveness Benefit

No tickets or accidents for five years? You won’t see your rate increase for your first minor ticket.

Loyal Auto Customer Discount

You start getting this discount after one year with us.

Homeownership Discount

You get this discount just for owning your home, mobile home or condo.

Low Mileage Discount

You’ll save if you drive your vehicle fewer than 8,000 miles annually.

New Vehicle Discount

You get this discount if your vehicle is fewer than five model years old when your policy becomes effective.

Leased Auto Discount (Currently available in Washington)

Do you lease your car? You'll get a discount on both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Paid in Full Discount

Pay your bill in one payment to save even more.

Spin-off Discount

Already covered on someone else’s PEMCO policy? Save when you move off a current PEMCO policy and start your own new policy with PEMCO.

Advance Quote Discount 

Think ahead and save. If you’re ready to be a new PEMCO auto insurance customer, you can qualify for this discount when you get a quote at least one day before your coverage starts.

Paperless Discount (Currently available in Washington)

Earn a discount for being green! Choose paperless options in your self-service account to have policy documents delivered online and an alert sent to your e-mail.