Who needs renters insurance?

You do, if you live in an apartment or rental home

Chances are, you have more to protect than you realize! The average renter has more than $30,000 in personal property that could be vulnerable to fire, theft, vandalism, smoke, electrical surges, or windstorm damage. A free renters insurance quote can be the first step in protecting the things you hold dear.

Personal Property Coverage

Protects all the things in your home, including furniture, appliances, and clothing. It also covers the things you take with you when you travel and belongings stolen from your car. For expensive items (like jewelry, furs, guns, silverware, computers, and business equipment) you’ll want to consider adding more than just the standard insurance.

Replacement Cost Coverage

You’ll want this if your things are stolen or damaged. Pays what it will cost you to replace your belongings at today’s prices (as opposed to what you paid for them or what they’re currently worth).

Protection for you and your family

Renters insurance, sometimes called “rental insurance” or “apartment insurance,” helps get your life back to normal after a fire, windstorm, burst pipe, or burglary:

Loss of Use Coverage

Helps you with living expenses if you can’t stay in your home while it’s being repaired or rebuilt.

Protection from liability

Get peace of mind coverage for legal costs and settlements (up to policy limits) if you’re ever found legally liable for an injury or damage:

Personal Liability Coverage

Helps you if you’re held accountable when someone is hurt or something of theirs is damaged.

Medical Payments to Others Coverage

No matter whose fault it is, helps to pay medical bills for a guest injured at your home. Also covers you if you accidentally injure someone when you’re visiting.

Renters insurance quotes are free, and coverage is affordable

If you’re worried you can only afford “cheap renters insurance,” you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Renters insurance is perhaps the biggest bargain in the insurance world – often only about $200 a year, and that’s for all the premium protection you get above. You also get a discount when you insure your car with PEMCO.

Read renters insurance reviews to see what customers are saying about PEMCO’s home coverages.

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