We care about the causes our employees are passionate about; through employee-nominated nonprofits, volunteer events or days of service, we enable our employees to support values-aligned organizations. Our employees are board members, champions or volunteers, and inspire others to join them in furthering the missions of community-based organizations.


We’re focused on galvanizing a network of passionate and diverse employees, customers, suppliers, nonprofit organizations and leaders to enable innovative and positive community change. 100% of employees participating in service annually, and inspiring others to join them in PEMCO-sponsored days of giving, or actively serving to further the mission of values-aligned organizations.


Community priorities, Y.E.S.

Youth & Education
  • Great teachers lead to better life outcomes. Our commitment to education started with our founder and school teacher, Robert J. Handy.
  • Children deserve an education that will help them reach their highest potential, and our support goes to programs that provide students the instruction, resources and tools needed to succeed.
  • Acting as environmental stewards, we want to understand climate risks and use resources responsibly. Learn more about this on Mutual Good – Environment.
  • We take our role seriously when it comes to keeping our communities safe.
  • We support programs that educate and mitigate public safety risks for current and future consumers.
  • We promote safety education around recreation, passenger, driver and home safety.

Civic Engagement

PEMCO Government Relations activity is nonpartisan and encourages citizenship.

We support initiatives and leaders that enable our employees, customers, business and industry – we may donate to values-aligned leaders and initiatives.

Our government efforts align to our Y.E.S. focus areas of raising achievement levels for youth in education, building a stronger, greener environment and increasing safety in homes, recreation and on highways.


PEMCO Foundation

The PEMCO Foundation was created as part of our commitment to strengthen our communities.

Charitable grants fund initiatives to build safer, better educated communities, building upon the assets of youth.


“If we want to be civil and lift up citizens; We need to be civil citizens”

— Stan McNaughton, CEO