11-year-old racer returns from stroke

soap box derby raceHaley Lawhorn was the reigning 2014 Soap Box Derby champ. Then one night last December, the 11-year-old Salem girl collapsed.

Doctors found ruptured blood vessels in her brain had caused a stroke. Months of recovery and intensive therapy followed.

But today, following a spectacular recovery, Haley has regained nearly full use of her right leg, and her right hand continues to improve each day.

In fact, she progressed enough to compete in the June 14 Salem Soap Box Derby, earning sixth in the stock division. Read the Statesman Journal article and see encouraging photos of Haley.

by  Jon Osterberg



Valerye Lawhorn

06/24/2015 09:01 PM

Thank you so much for sharing Haley's story. Our family wants to share awareness that aneurysms and strokes can happen at any age.

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