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Filling your Bartell NW Profile mug with cheer

Tuesday, November 20, 2012by  Elliott Nicholas

A man in socks and sandals, a woman fearing “Snowpocalypse,” and a man who takes 3 minutes to order his coffee walk into a “Bar”tell Drugs. All joking aside, this situation isn't as unlikely as it may seem! 

On Saturday, the WALLY team ventured to Bartell Drugs at Crossroads shopping center in Bellevue. While we were there, we found the Sandals and Socks Guy, First Snowflake Freakout Lady, and The Super Long Coffee Orderer…on our new Northwest Profile mugs sold at local Bartell Drugs locations!

We got the chance to fill up each purchased mug with a $5 coffee card and perhaps more importantly, we got to chat with self-proclaimed Super Long Coffee Orderers and First Snowflake Freakout Ladies (no one would admit to being a Sandals and Socks Guy, although a lot of people knew one of them!).

Many of people we talked to were not only excited about the mugs, but that they were available for purchase at Bartell Drugs. Bartell and PEMCO, as we learned, share a very similar Northwest history Pacific Northwest pride. We think this pairing is like an all-wheel SUV and snow; the half-skinny, half 1% milk in your coffee; the socks with your sandals. We’re both Seattle-born companies, dedicated to our communities and providing the people of the Northwest with only the best we can offer…starting with your morning coffee.

What a great pair…two Northwest companies in one place!

Stop by your local Bartell Drugs today to pick up your very own mug. We'll be at the Westlake Center Plaza in Seattle on November 24 to fill your cup once more! We’re really hoping we’ll have a chance to meet with a self-proclaimed Sandals and Socks Guy.

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