Nighttime can be lethal in a heatwave

As a heatwave bakes the Northwest and much of the country, officials warn that record-high overnight lows threaten children and the elderly.
   West of the Cascades, many places recorded nighttime lows above 60 degrees this week. That's not uncommon to our friends east of the mountains, where far-higher summer temps can rival those in the Southwest.
   Phoenix recently set a record for the highest nighttime low temperature, 91. In Las Vegas, nighttime lows exceeded 90 for several days. Without air conditioning such overnight conditions are dangerous, said a National Weather Service official, because "your body never has a chance to recover." The Centers for Disease Control says heatwaves kill an average of 658 people each year.
   The simplest precaution: Drink plenty of water, especially where "dry heat" prevails -- it evaporates sweat so quickly that victims, especially the old and young, don't realize they're dehydrating. Read the Tri-City Herald article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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