Northwest drivers can’t stop posting about #driving






That’s a string of hashtags we hope to never see in our social media streams (especially, #ihopeidontcrash, yikes!).

But according to a study conducted over five years by Auto Insurance Center, Washington and Oregon (along with most of the Western U.S.) are in the Top 10 states for number of Instagram posts (per 100,000 residents) with driving-related hashtags.

Even if you’re not the one posting about your turn-by-turn driving voyages, you may be encouraging hashtaggers without realizing it. Northwest drivers posting about driving are also receiving the most “likes” from followers for their driving-related posts.

Some of the other common words tagged to go along with #driving? Roadtrip, travel, sunset, beautiful, clouds, and drive.

Hmmm. This gives us a little hope that it’s Northwest passengers out there documenting our glorious landscapes and precious blue-sky summer days. Even so, let’s keep the snaps reserved for pit stops and scenic viewpoints and don’t distract the driver!

Read more about Auto Insurance Center’s #Driving danger research.

by  Sharlyn Petit



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