Stanwood racer six-time champ in little hydro

As the Columbia Cup and Seafair approach, 200-mph hydroplanes soon will make headlines.
   But arguably, the region’s most prolific champ is a Stanwood man who races a 75-mph outboard hydro. John Peeters won his sixth-straight national championship this month in Tennessee aboard his OSY-400-class boat, about one-third the size of an Unlimited-class hydro.
   Peeters, 31, grew up around Lake Goodwin north of Everett. He wants to win a few more OSY-400 championships but also would love a shot at driving the “big boats” someday.
   “Everybody will say, hands down, that somebody who won C stock hydro at nationals is a better driver than somebody who won the Gold Cup,” Peeters told the Everett Herald. Read The Herald article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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