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Stinky Spoke riders show the WALLY team what mountain biking is all about

Monday, January 20, 2014by  Krysta Morley

We've all heard the phrase, “it’s as easy as riding a bike”, but is it?  This past Saturday at the Stinky Spoke Poker Ride in Woodinville, the WALLY team had the chance to hang out with many mountain bike enthusiasts who could tell you that not every bike ride is as easy as pie.  While the team didn’t have the chance to hit the trails, it didn’t stop us from wanting to hop on a bike and tackle the trails ourselves to prove that we too, are NW Male (and Female) Action Figures.  So after a bit of research, here are three of the best mountain bike riding trails in Washington State ranging from beginner to advanced.

     For those of you who are beginners there’s Paradise Valley in Woodinville.  With eleven miles of bike trails devoid of any steep climbs, this trail is perfect for anyone just starting out or for those simply looking for a relaxed ride!

     If you consider yourself to be an intermediate rider, find your way up further North to the Buck Mountain Loop in Winthrop where the captivating scenery and the trail’s moderate difficulty will keep you well entertained!

     Finally, for the more hardened advanced mountain bikers, challenge your skills and bravery on Ranger Creek-Palisade Loop in Greenwater. Packed with its technical elements surrounded by lush greenery, this trail will surely appease even the most adventurous mountain biker’s appetite!

     The Pacific Northwest is a destination for breath-taking scenery, so why not enjoy it while riding atop a mountain bike? These Washington bike trails are just a teaser as to what the Pacific Northwest has to offer and there are a chock-full of opportunities to experience nature while riding a bike.  So get out there and ride!


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personTodd Cowles01/20/2014 06:16 PM
Thanks y'all for coming out.  Appreciate the "card holders" and pics of all these adventure people!

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