WSDOT gears up for summer construction

Washington's key cross-state arterial, Interstate 90 via Snoqualmie Pass, is only a month away from resuming vigorous construction.
   Besides the now-familiar Snoqualmie East Project that widens and straightens the stretch between Hyak and Keechelus Dam, motorists will contend with I-90 paving to the east of the dam and on U.S. 97. Also, eight bridges will be be resurfaced between Easton and Ellensburg.
   Drivers will find relief during a pause in bridge construction to accomodate heavy summer traffic June 14 - Sept. 4.
   Blasting along Lake Keechelus resumes in late April with one-hour road closures at around 7 p.m. Also, WSDOT has officially announced that raised avalanche-resistant bridges will replace the snowshed along Lake Keechelus, allowing snow and rock to slide under the freeway between bridge piers. Read the Ellensburg Daily Record article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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