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Children's Hospital Bike Helmet Event: How Fitting!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009by  WALLY Team

Rainfall may have dampened the Northwest on Friday, but it couldn't soak our spirits at the PCC Natural Market in Redmond.  Steven and I spent the afternoon fitting bike helmets at the local market, and we met children of all ages eager for the chance to strap on their helmets and take their bikes out for a wet ride around the parking lot.


Seattle Children's Hospital Booth

In partnership with PEMCO, Children's Hospital offers discounted bike helmets and free helmet fittings to ensure that young 'NW Male and Female Action Figures' stay safe on the roads.  We witnessed some special moments as many youngsters tried on their very first bike helmets.

Kendra stopped by with her sons, Daniel and Paul.  Daniel and Paul have been riding tricycles up and down the hill by their house for years, but now they're ready for their first bikes.  After waiting patiently for their fitting, the two boys rushed off, excited to show off their new helmets. Daniel exclaimed, 'I'm going to wear mine all day!'


Children putting on helmets  Children putting on helmets

Another young family stopped by later in the day with the same wide-eyed excitement.  Alice visited the booth with her daughters, Madeleine and Sanne, and the little girls beamed with anticipation for their new helmets.  Once they were fitted, the sisters clutched their brand new helmets closely and proudly showed off their Children's Hospital temporary tattoos.  


Child with blue helmet


Steven and I even had a chance to get our own helmets fitted!  


helmets fitting

The rain never seemed to die down at the event, but neither did the children's enthusiasm for new bike helmets.  It was a treat for us to take part in such a great cause.  

If you missed us in Redmond, you can catch us again this Saturday, Oct. 24 as the playoff-bound Sounders take on FC Dallas.  Why not hop on your bike and ride over to Qwest Field?  Just don't forget your helmet!

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