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Farmers Markets- bringing sustainable food to your table

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Hernann Ambion

Girl at Farmer's MarketThe WALLY team joined local P-Patch People at the Lynnwood Farmers Market for their last event of the season. Not only did people pick up their fresh food for the week, but they were able to spin our prize wheel and step-into our #Yellfie booth to give their loudest yell! Check-out how much fun we had!

Did you know farmers markets have become an alternative option for consumers in finding fresh, healthier foods at affordable rates? Many are unaware that these farmers markets occur in our neighborhoods every day! Here are some reasons why we should support farmers markets.

1. You taste fresh, real flavors. Produce that is sold at farmers markets are truly fresh from the farm. Fruits and vegetables are ripened and picked directly from the fields, and then transported to the markets, without minimal time or delay.

2. You have a greater appreciation for the seasons. Food that is sold from farmers markets is typically seasonal. These items bring flavor and freshness that is unique to the season, such as pumpkins in the fall, or sweet corn in the summer.

3. We can protect the environment by buying local. It takes an average of 1,500 miles for food to travel from the farm to your plate. This includes the use of fossil fuels, and other natural resources that pollute the earth. However, food that is sold at the farmers market is transported at shorter distances, and is grown using conventional methods that minimize the use of pollution or natural resources.

4. Farmers markets support the humane treatment of animals. Farmers markets offer meats, cheeses, and eggs from many animals that have avoided inhumane living conditions or practices. These animals have been raised without any antibiotics or hormones, and have been fed on grass diets.

5. Farmers markets offer a chance to connect with the local community. Farmers markets are everywhere in our region. From small cities to large cities, farmers markets become a community haven for people to interact and meet up. This is an effective way of supporting local farmers, and also getting to know your neighbors!

For more information about farmers markets in your area, be sure to check out these sites:

Washington Farmers Markets

Oregon Farmers Markets



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