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Smiles for Miles at Everett's National Night Out Against Crime

Thursday, August 6, 2009by  WALLY Team

Smile: Check!  Fingerprint: Check! Height and Weight: Check!  

Believe it or not, protecting your child from harm can be just that easy.

Yesterday the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors (minus Peter) were honored to participate in Everett's Night Out Against Crime event, held annually by the Everett Police Department and members of the local business community.   The family event is part of a national campaign to promote crime and drug prevention by strengthening community spirit through neighborhood block parties and gatherings. 

 Children get stamps at Smiles for MilesWe teamed up with Claudia McClain and her crew from McClain Insurance Services to promote neighborhood safety with help from the PEMCO photo program.

As Seattle sports fans may recall, we often use our photo program to take snapshots of Sounders FC and Seahawks fans, but this time its purpose was, as PEMCO would say, 'a little different.'  Using our (well-practiced) photography skills, we captured the beautiful smiles - and a few silly faces - of our youngest Northwest residents and printed them off to be used for identification purposes in Child ID Booklets.  It was the perfect activity for this event:  kids couldn't get enough of the finger printing and personal photo shoots and parents appreciated its practicality!

  Throughout the evening, Smiles for Miles boothwe picked up some helpful tips from the Everett Police Department about child safety that we want to share with you:


  1. Talking to your child about safety is important!  But be sure to do it in a calm and non-threatening manner.

  2. Encourage open communication with your child.

  3. Teach your child to say 'no' in uncomfortable or scary situations.

  4. If you are in a public place, make sure that you have a plan in case you get separated from your child.

  5. Have rules and guidelines about giving out personal information on the internet.

  6. Know the whereabouts of your child and how to reach them at all times.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and if you have a child, be sure to make them an ID booklet -- it could save a life!
We'll be back to snapping photos of Sounders fans tonight at Qwest field as the Sounders take on international powerhouse FC Barcelona.  See you then!

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