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Boat policy discounts and ways to save

Your money should stay on shore where it belongs. PEMCO provides customers with comprehensive coverage on their watercraft with competitive prices and a wide variety of discounts.

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Single Deductible

With PEMCO, you have a single deductible for your hull and motor(s), plus a standard $50 deductible for your trailer. If more than one item is damaged in a single event, you’ll pay only one deductible.

Diesel Power Discount

Save if you use diesel fuel.

Claim-Free Discount

Go three consecutive years without a claim and save.

Boat Plus Auto or Home Discount

Save if you insure your home or car with PEMCO, too.

Homeowner Discount

If you own your home, you qualify for a discount – even if you don’t insure your home with us.

Multi-boat Discount

Insure two or more boats or personal watercraft on the same policy and save. (Co-owned watercraft aren’t eligible for the discount.)

Approved Boating Safety Course Discount

Save when you keep your boating skills sharp.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Discount

Another safety feature that saves you money.

Ship-to-Shore (VHF) Discount

Stay in contact and save money.

Advance Purchase Discount

Save when you buy a new policy at least one day ahead of the effective date. And keep saving for three years!