Why brand?

The company's identity - our name, trademark, and graphic presentation — is an important asset. As the most visible persona of our company, the PEMCO identity is an important tool that shapes the perceptions of our customers and employees. Correct and consistent use of the PEMCO identity strengthens the value of PEMCO's brand and ensures our ability to protect it. Here are the brand guidelines to build a stronger and more successful PEMCO.

User instructions

Do you use the name "PEMCO" or the shield to identify or promote your product, service, division, department, operation, internal function, program, or project?


The PEMCO Brand Program standards and guidelines apply to all your communications, from letterhead and business cards to advertising, promotional materials, and signs. The PEMCO Brand Program provides standards and guidelines that control the use of the name "PEMCO" and the shield in all media. Everyone responsible for creating, purchasing, or managing communications for the company and it's operating units and affiliates–both PEMCO employees and their authorized suppliers–should carefully review and apply the principles and standards in PEMCO Style Guide.


The PEMCO Brand Program standards and guidelines don’t apply to your communications. Please continue to support the PEMCO Brand Program by using the correct communicative names for PEMCO business units and affiliates in copy (such as letters) and in conversations (such as sales presentations). Please don’t use PEMCO Brand Program elements in your communications.

Style guide

The PEMCO Style Guide is a 72-page document containing guidelines and standards for all PEMCO materials and logo usage.

Download Style Guide PDF

Style Guide contents

  • PEMCO Brand Program
  • Signature standards
  • Brand program typography
  • Business paper standards
  • Personalization standards
  • Brand program applications
  • PEMCO writing guide

Logo files

The following eps files are ready to download and use in your PEMCO communications. To use eps files you need to have appropriate graphic editing software installed on your desktop.


PEMCO Blue: PMS 541
PEMCO Red: PMS 185

4-Color Process

Blue: 100C / 51M / 0Y / 30K
Red: 0C / 91M / 76Y / 0K


All Black