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12 Facts for 12s about the Hometown Hangar

Monday, December 21, 2015by  Libby Hodgin

Are you a supercharged Hawks fan who loves to get out to the stadium on game days? Yes! Have you had a chance to check out the Alaska Airlines Hometown Hangar? No! What? Well, no worries, we’re here to tell you about this awesome event you’ve been missing.

WALLY team member Nicole gives former Hawks player Joe Tafoya a high five.

Check out our 12 frequently asked questions about the event, and plan to join us for the final Hometown Hangar of the regular season on Sunday, Dec. 27, when the Hawks take on the Rams at CenturyLink Field.

1. What is it?

A party! The Hometown Hangar gives Hawks fans a place to gather before kickoff and prepare for the excitement ahead. Live music, tasty drinks and free souvenir photos abound for fans of all ages.

2. When is it?

During the regular football season before home games. It usually runs for four hours before kickoff.

3. What can I do there?

Have fun! You can get free photos, play games, toss a football around with the National Guard and listen to great live bands on the mainstage. You’ll get a stadium-approved bag to hold your Hawks swag, too. If you’re worried about missing other NFL games, have no fear, the Hangar has you covered with several TVs for your viewing pleasure.

4. Where is it?

You can find the Hometown Hangar across Occidental Ave from CenturyLink Stadium’s south gate at 1000 Occidental Ave.

5. How much does it cost?

Nothing. You can participate in the Hangar for FREE!

6. Is it only for Hawks fans?

Well, the large majority of people at the Hangar are Hawks fans, but friendly, well-behaved fans of rival teams are always welcome.

7. Is there an age requirement?

Nope. Everyone is welcome in the Hangar – it’s just the beer garden inside the Hangar that’s age-restricted (21+ only).

8. What do I wear?

Green and blue is ideal! You may want to wear a few layers since it can be a little chilly. Check the weather before you head out, so you can be fully prepared; this is an outdoor event.

9. What do I bring?

Your fun-loving self! You’ll just need a positive attitude for the Hangar festivities and an ID if you choose to enter the beer garden.

10. Is there food?

 Although there’s no food inside the Hometown Hangar, there are plenty of tailgating treats just outside the Hangar on Occidental Ave, as well as along 1st Ave. S.

11. Are there drinks?

You bet.  For those who are 21 and older (and who have a designated driver), there’s a beer garden. Or you can head out to Occidental Ave or 1st Ave. S. for other thirst quenchers.

12. Why’s PEMCO there?

We love the Hawks! We share our enthusiasm by offering free souvenir photos to everyone at the Hometown Hangar. When you get a photo, you’re eligible to enter a raffle for autographed Hawks swag.  If you crave more goodies, share your photo on social media, and you can pick out a PEMCO prize.

Hope to see you at the next game! Go Hawks!

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