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3 resume tips to help you land a summer internship

Wednesday, March 29, 2017by  Sharlyn Petit

millennial-job-seekers-internship-resumes.jpgOver the past few weeks, we've been hopping around the Pacific Northwest attending college internship fairs looking for our next batch of PEMCO interns.

We've had the opportunity to meet hundreds of students in person. But it's more common in a job search that you're submitting a resume to multiple job openings that interest you – and you only get one page to cram with facts and figures to act as your introduction.

We've hired some exceptional summer interns over the years. They've had the service passion and fresh perspective to really make an impact on projects large and small at PEMCO. How did they land the job?

These three resume tips had something to do with it:

  1. Lining up (and illuminating) all the right details. The content of your resume should absolutely align with the position you're applying for. A simple concept, but it's important that 1) you know what position you've applied for, and 2) it's clear you've identified specific examples in your work history that can illustrate your experience. It's a good practice to have several versions of your resume that you can tailor to different positions. That being said, it's also OK to omit obscure, unimportant details (odd jobs, hobbies, etc.).

  2. Numbers, percentages, and impact are your friends. Tell the story of your accomplishments by using action language like, "Created an online resource library that reduced customer email inquiries by 25%," or describe academic project work or achievements and their outcome – focus on impact over a list of general duties.

  3. Light on experience? Work with what you have. So maybe some of your experience didn't come with a job title. Do you volunteer in your community? Are you involved in a school club or activity? Think about the lessons and responsibilities that come from these types of roles. Creativity, agility, and critical thinking happen in many settings, not just at work. Show us what engages you! Including relevant coursework or a cover letter can also help frame your experience.

Now that your resume's in tip-top shape, why not put it to use? This year, we have openings in several departments: Enterprise Services, Learning & Development, Marketing, Product (two openings), and Sales & Service.

pemco-internship-program.jpgCheck out what it's like to work at PEMCO by following us on Facebook and Instagram, research our current openings, and apply to one (or two, or all!).

We asked our past interns: "How would you describe your intern experience?"

Their responses: Completed projects with real impact. Collaboration with colleagues at all levels. A chance to make your own way and learn. Valuable networking opportunities. A direct impact on our customers. A genuine focus on improving our communities.

12 weeks + 6 stellar interns + meaningful work = lucky PEMCO.

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