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3 tips to staying warm on the sidelines this winter

Monday, December 9, 2013by  Justin Dellinger

girls on the run wally team

This past Saturday marked the first of many Girls On The Run 5Ks that the WALLY Team will be attending this winter. Although it is the first run of the winter, it also marked the graduation for many young girls that have participated in this program. Girls ranging from 3rd to 5th grade gathered in groups with their Elementary schools from across the area.

The WALLY team has already provided you with runners tips for those who choose to brave the elements and go for a run this winter, but what about the friends and family that are there to support those who run? The WALLY team would like to present to you three tips for keeping warm while cheering from the sideline.

Warm-up with the participants: Chances are you have gotten a little cold between the sign-in and the actual race. At many of these 5k runs and charity walks, there is often a group warm-up led by the emcee of the event. These exercises are a quick and easy way to get your blood pumping and heat up before you watch the race.

Huddle close to each other during the race: Don’t be afraid to get cozy with your next door neighbor. Staying close will help keep you both warmer, and you may find yourself making a new friend!

Run with them:  What better way to stay warm at these events than to run the race yourself? Many of these events allow, even encourage, parents to run with their children. It will be a bonding moment and maybe even help you get back into shape.

The WALLY Team hopes these tips will be helpful to those who attend and support the participants in future winter charity walks and runs but we would also like to hear from YOU! What are some of the ways you keep warm while cheering on your friends and family in these winter marathons?

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