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Becoming a tourist in my hometown

Wednesday, August 21, 2013by  Jordan Poepping

Since I left Seattle two years ago for college, I’ve found myself missing home. But until I participated in a recent leadership workshop as a part of my internship at PEMCO, I hadn’t realized how much there is to love about the Northwest – and how much I still have left to explore.

The goal of the daylong workshop was to explore design thinking and how we use our “whole selves” to create and innovate. For one exercise, we broke into small groups and went out walking through the South Lake Union neighborhood to find and interview a handful of people about their experiences in the city, and in living in the Northwest in general.

My group came up with three specific questions we wanted to ask: What brought you to Seattle? What’s your favorite part of the city? And what have you never experienced but wish you had?

We interviewed three people, each of whom had different reasons for coming to Seattle. But they did have one thing in common: Each person wished they’d spent more time enjoying the outdoors and visiting the only-in-the-Northwest attractions that make this such a wonderful place to live.

Thinking about the exercise later, I realized that I’d answer the last question the same way. I wished that I had taken advantage of the city while I still lived here full-time.

I may not have much time left in Seattle – my internship ends this week, and the start of fall term is just around the corner. But I’m determined to explore more of the city during these last few weeks. I’ve written out a list of everything I’d like to do; all the places and experiences in Seattle that I know and love, and some (including some tourist attractions!) that I want to see for the first time. I think it’s important to be a tourist in your own town once in a while – there’s always something you have yet to explore. 

So look for me at Dick’s Drive-In, or enjoying a slice of Pagliacci pizza or an ice-cream cone at Molly Moon’s. Or you might see me taking in the cityscape from Kerry Park, or walking around Pike Place Market, sampling those delicious barbecue pork buns and gazing out at the sunset on the Sound.

What would you add to my list of must-see/must-do things in Seattle?

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