Burned bear cub brought to Idaho, will hibernate

Cinder, the 2-year-old bear cub badly burned in last summer's Carlton Complex fire, has arrived in Idaho for her latest phase of recovery.
   And judging from video, she's fattened up nicely – from 39 to 97 pounds – and now can hop around on her scorched paws.
   Cinder was rescued in the Methow Valley and flown Aug. 4 to Lake Tahoe Wilderness Care, which specializes in rehabilitating wild animals. Caretakers said she was given lots of medicine "hidden inside blueberry muffins."
   Cinder will hibernate for the winter at Idaho Black Bear Rehab in Garden City along with Koa, an orphaned bear cub found in Wyoming. Once Cinder's paws have toughened up, she'll be released this spring into the Methow wild. Watch the KTVB-7 news story.
     UPDATE, 6/4/2015 – Cinder was released June 3 into a forest near Wenatchee after healing nicely and fattening up to 125 pounds. The Seattle Times said Cinder was released "with an orphaned cub she had bonded with during rehab."

by  Jon Osterberg



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