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College bound? Here’s a 3-point checklist for bringing your car

Thursday, September 15, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

If you’ve considered the pros and cons of having a car on campus this year and landed on “yes,” here are a few tips to make sure your trip to (or back to) campus goes smoothly.

  • Let the trusty campus map be your guide. Whether you’re new to campus, or you’re living in a different location than last year, know where and where not to park your car. Also, familiarize yourself with parking fees and access points in and out of your main campus so you (1) don't rush around or drive distracted trying to figure out where to park, and (2) can give your family clear directions on parents’ day (they’ll be counting down the days until they see you).

  • Get your insurance documents in order. Make sure you have updated proof of insurance with you before you take off for campus. Washington and Oregon drivers, did you know you can show proof of insurance via your smartphone? No card needed! Our app makes it easy. Also, be sure to talk to a PEMCO agent about changes that may affect your insurance while you’re away at college (like garaging location, new ZIP code, or Good Student Discount). Even if you’re not planning to take your car, you’ll want to keep coverage for those times you may end up driving.  

  • Complete a maintenance check for peace of mind. Once you're miles, or hundreds of miles, from home, you won’t want to handle a problem that could have been easily prevented with a quick safety check of the essentials like fluid levels, tires, wipers, lights, battery, and others.

Living on campus? A parent’s PEMCO homeowners policy covers belongings for students living in dormitories or sorority or fraternity houses, with a caveat around study-abroad situations. When it's time to move off campus or get your own place, here are some pointers on renter insurance.

Good luck this school year!

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