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Did you "Love 'em or Leave 'em" this Valentines day?

Monday, February 13, 2012by  WALLY Team
Did you "Love 'em or Leave 'em" this Valentines day?
Greenlake 5k fun run.

Love for friends, love for mothers,
Love to share with all others.
Threads of red, pink, and white.
Lots of smiles shiny and bright.
To "Love'em or Leave'em" was the question at hand,
there was no time to consult the band.
Their decision was through,
when the sound of the fog horn blew,
and off they went for their 5K run.
I was jealous, it looked so fun!
Maybe next year the PBA's will see you there,
just beware if you put pink in your hair.

It was a pleasant Saturday morning in Greenlake and WALLY rolled up and the PBA's hopped out to see the 7th annual Valentines "Love'em or Leave'em" fun run. The idea of the run is to dress like your valentine and during the race you decide if you will stay at their pace or leave them in the dust. I don't mean to spoil the story but, for the most part, the loved ones stuck together.

Ashley, Anna and I strolled around mingling with the participants, admiring the costumes, and meeting their furry friends. As told by a Staff member, most of the proceeds of the event go towards the various charities who had a booth at the event, namely Leukemia & Lymphoma Society "Team in Training." For many runners it was their first year but the race got rave reviews. With over 2,000 participants a "Love'em or Leave'em" athlete told me she had plenty of room to run and the terrain was nice and flat. Cheers to running around a lake!

Some of our favorite costumes were the family of "Love Bugs,"

and the creative couple, who despite their Alumni ties will support the other side.

Among the "Greenlake Power Walkers" the event began with a kids fun run for children of all ages. Some were carried by their loved ones while others left their parents behind, smiling, and soaking in the cheers of the crowd. The big race began around 9:30 and around 10:00 the runners rounded the last turn, passed under the tunnel of love, and crossed the finish line to the sounds of family members and friends cheering them on.

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