Do you let your teen break one of these driving laws?

You’ve put in the hours supervising your teen’s driving. You’ve done your best to set a good example (or have you?).

But now that your teen is out on the open road, are you turning a blind eye to your state’s graduated licensing laws?

A new study by says graduated licensing laws are effective, but some parents don't enforce them. When 500 parents were asked about their teen drivers’ behaviors, the following percentages allowed their teens to break these GDL laws:

  • Driving with friends: 33%

  • Driving at night: 30%

  • Using a cellphone: 29%

  • Driving past curfew: 27%

  • Driving unsupervised (if required by state): 19%

  • No laws broken: 41%

While we hope our Northwest parents fall in the 41% that say they don’t allow teens to break any laws, it seems the reality is teens are out there bending the rules, and parents are allowing it.

Learn more about graduated licensing steps for Washington and Oregon.

Looking for even more guidance? A PEMCO Poll showed almost 80% of parents consider the state requirements merely a starting point and enforce their own graduated driving “house rules.” Common sense restrictions seem fair to teens and eliminate aimless driving. See A parent-teen driving agreement you both can live with for more ideas.

by  Sharlyn Petit



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