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Does Washington state need a new slogan?

Thursday, May 1, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

A recent news story said Seattle is looking for a new nickname to replace “The Emerald City.” Then today, Tacoma News Tribune writer Peter Callaghan pointed out that Washington doesn’t have an official state slogan anymore.
   Really? Growing up, I always knew Washington as “The Evergreen State.” When did that change?
   Regardless, Callaghan suggests some great ideas for a new state slogan. My favorites:

  • We Don’t Understand Aplets & Cotlets Either
  • Come See Your Team Beat The Mariners
  • No Serial Killers … Lately
  • We Had Four-Dollar Coffee Before Anyone
  • Our Bertha’s Stuck in the Eartha

To those I add a few city and state suggestions of my own:

  • Yakima, the Yakima of Washington
  • Don’t Call Us Blah-vue, We’re More Diverse Than You
  • Washington, Where Rust Never Sleeps
  • The Pretty-but-Deadly Volcanoes State
  • Where Grapes Have Supplanted Apples
  • Come to Tacoma, We’ve Lost Our Aroma

   I’ll probably hear from someone in Tacoma about that, but the City of Destiny took a huge step forward when it reined in its pulp mills and toppled its smelter smokestack in 1993. “The Aroma of Tacoma” was real, but happily, the city now smells fresh as a daisy.

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personGale S. Kennedy05/03/2014 06:33 PM
Washingtons of money via "legal' marijuana laundry machines.
personCyndi Upthegrove05/03/2014 03:28 PM
Washington, Land of Lava and Lilacs

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