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Half of teens ignoring a good habit

Tuesday, April 16, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

Tired of reading data that labels teenagers as risky drivers?
   Here’s a positive approach, a tip that’s simple yet guaranteed to save lives: Buckle up. EVERY time you enter a car.
   Before you think, “brilliant – nothing like stating the obvious!” consider this fact from the Centers for Disease Control: Compared with other age groups, teens have the lowest rate of seat belt use. In 2011, only 54% of high school students reported they always wear seat belts when riding with someone else.
   That amazes me. I could understand it if wearing a seat belt was something new for 16-year-olds, a habit still in the making.
   But wearing a seat belt is not a new habit for new drivers. How do I know? Ask yourself, how many new drivers were allowed to ride in a car without a seat belt when they were young children? Very few, I suspect.
   Wearing a seat belt has been a habit for virtually everyone since preschool, thanks to our moms and dads.
   Teen drivers can grasp the obvious. Buckle up for safety. Just do it.

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