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Love in the Air: Love 'em or Leave 'em Valentine's Day Dash

Monday, February 14, 2011by  WALLY Team

Whether it was a sprint or a walk, arriving to support or coming just to talk — there was one thing in common for sure: Love was in the air, and we have the pictures to prove it. This year 2,494 people finished Green Lake's 2011 Love __em or Leave __em Valentine's Day Dash. It turns out this is one of the largest Valentine's Day Dash events in America! But, in order to really see how much love was in the air, Brian and I had to do a little investigating.

"What made your heart melt like chocolate on a previous Valentine's Day?" This was the question we used to truly gauge the love factor, and we got some great responses.

"We work at a preschool and last Valentine's Day a student came up to me and said, __I love you,' and it was so sweet!" said one Dasher.

That is pretty sweet but not 99 star lilies sweet, which is exactly what one of our Green Lake Power Walkers received for Valentine's. "They all bloomed in my room at the same time, and it smelled like a rotting log." Note to males, no star lilies in large quantities, even on V-Day.

There were people from all over the state, wearing spandex in shades of pink and red instead of the green and blue they would have sported had they been perched in the Hawk's Nest; styling all manner of short shorts, long shorts, no shorts, nothing but short shorts; and of course displaying the ubiquitous smile. Behind this auspicious smile, we knew there were some good stories, not to mention good reasons to be up and running on an early Saturday morning.

Seattleites sure do appreciate a great story, and we felt we had some good ones. But we needed a great one, like Fremont '60s Holdout often supplies in more than sufficient doses. To pry some of these stories out of the racers, Brian asked, "If there was a romantic movie scene you could put yourself into, which one would it be?" We heard about scenes from The Notebook, Top Gun, pottery scenes, and of course, "Any scene with George Clooney in it."

These were all good answers, too, but then Katie gave us the great response we were looking for when she said, "The Spider Man kiss scene," while blushing in the direction of her husband, Matt." Love was literally in the air.

Katie and Matt putting themselves in the Spider Man kiss scene.

The announcer waiting to give the go-ahead.

Steve and Kathy all the way from Vancouver!

Who said you couldn't be romantic on the go?

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