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Man of many names arrested for ID theft

Friday, February 1, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

Identity theft is a serious crime. Yet it’s hard not to snicker at a recent ID thief who perhaps wasn’t the brightest of the bunch.
   Police arrested the man at a Tacoma casino with three ID cards and 39 forged credit cards. He had asked a cashier for help after hitting a snag while trying to withdraw $2,000 using a credit card. He showed officers a California ID but used an Arizona ID with a different name while trying to get the cash. Police then searched the man and found yet another ID card, $7,400 in cash, and the 39 credit cards.
   Police noted the man – covered in gang tattoos – was evasive, claiming he’d found the cards in a jacket. Prosecutors are unsure of the man’s true name but charged him under the name he first gave them – for the time being. Read the Tacoma News Tribune article.

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