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Marshawn speaks out (sort of); Brut and Ali

Tuesday, January 28, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

To quote renowned rock vocalist Paul Rodgers, I can’t get enough.
   Of Seahawks Super Bowl buildup, that is.
   PEMCO is no different from the rest of Seattle. We’re at the epicenter of Seahawks Nation, and nearly everyone here has Hawk Fever.
   Today is a treat because it’s Media Day in New Jersey. That means, aside from hearing reporters pepper Pete Carroll and Peyton Manning with the same banal questions we’ve heard all year, we get to hear from the celebrated but often-silent Marshawn Lynch.
   Beast Mode spoke out today. For all of six minutes! That’s officially his longest gabfest of the year.
   Among the insights, he offered this when asked if he enjoys media attention.
   “Nope. I’m just about action. You say ‘hut’ and there’s action. All the unnecessary talk, it don’t do nothing for me,” Lynch said. “I appreciate that people want to hear from me, but I just go to work and do my thing. You feel me?”
   I can’t wait to see what Richard Sherman has to say. Earlier this week he compared his in-game trash talk to that of Muhammad Ali and Deion Sanders, two other notable mouths that roared.
   I’m a huge Ali fan. I loved his boxing, his antics, his humor, his huge heart. While others despised his braggadocio, I somehow sensed he was instead being mischievous, contriving his public persona to distinguish and market himself.
  YouTube doesn’t seem to contain one of my favorite Ali moments, his mid-1970s TV commercial for Brut cologne. Nor can I find it on a Google search. But I can recite Ali’s playful poetry from memory:

Champion of the world, that’s what I am!
I mean of the whole wide world, from here to Siam.
And I wish to point out that Brut is the same.
Wherever I go, people know that name.
The great smell of Brut is best, like me.
We’re champions of the world – Brut and Ali!

Here’s hoping Richard Sherman tries a little poetry himself someday.

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