M’s ball girls show skills, earn ‘dream jobs’

You’re watching a Seattle Mariners game on TV when a batter crushes a foul ball just outside the baseline. A young woman on a stool hops down and deftly gloves the ball, then hands it to a gleeful toddler in the front row.
     Ever wonder how those ball girls land their jobs?
     Today’s Everett Herald provides some answers.
     Two of this year’s ball girls are former high school softball stars who were among the 14 hired out of 60 applicants. Their interview involved successfully fielding smoking-hot ground balls.
     And, of course, they had to profess their love of the Mariners.
     Ball girls work two to four games per month, handling pre-game chores before they straddle their stools beyond first and third base, near the first row of seats.
     Have you ever wondered how they decide which people receive the foul balls they snag? The answer: Be a kid, the younger the better, and wear Mariners gear.
     “You see their little faces just light up,” one ball girl said.
     Learn more in this Everett Herald article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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