Need a boost? Charge it at PEMCO

Our fearless marketing leader, Rod, walked into my office and said, “You’ve got to come see this.”
   We walked to our PEMCO office window, and down below, in our customer parking area, yet another customer was charging an electric car at our free charging station.
   But this fellow looked like he was really relaxed and having fun. We went downstairs to meet him.
   Our friend was lounging on a folding chair, thumbing through a faded photo album, on what was a beautiful, cloudless 71° day. We introduced ourselves and learned he was a longtime customer and Seattle native, Garfield High School class of 1957. Just enjoying the sunshine, charging his car, reliving old memories.
   And he loves our Northwest Profile characters.
   We might need to create a new profile soon for his kind, Tranquil Car Charger Guy.

by  Jon Osterberg



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