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Nestle seeks to sell Oregon town’s spring water

Friday, January 23, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

Corporate giant Nestle continues to battle for state permits entitling it to bottle and sell spring water from the town of Cascade Locks.
   It’s an interesting study in marketing. Cascade Locks’ municipal water is equally as pure as what gurgles up from Oxbow Springs, located just south of I-84 . But Nestle wants to cash in on consumers’ perception that spring water is healthier.
   The Oregonian notes that Safeway stores sell cases of Nestle’s Arrowhead spring water for $4.49, while its bottled municipal water costs $3.79.
   Cascade Locks city officials voted last week for a water exchange enabling the sale of spring water to Nestle. Learn why in this Oregonian article.

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