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New written test tackles cell phones, marijuana, and distractions

Tuesday, August 16, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

Starting this month, teens taking Washington’s written driving test will have 15 more questions to answer in addition to the 25 questions based on traffic law classics.

It has been decades since the last overhaul of the exam, and the extra questions will quiz new drivers on the risks of distracted driving, cell phone use, and the legalization of marijuana. The Department of Licensing says scenario-based questions also have been added, such as what to do in a road rage situation.

Teen driving statistics were a huge influence on the changes – 57% of fatal collisions with young drivers involve impairment, and 59% of high school seniors say they’ve been a passenger when a driver was texting or emailing.

Could you pass the new driving test? Here’s a sample:

What is the fine for reading a text while driving?

A. $24

B. $124

C. $325

If you answered B. $124, you might be in good shape for the new 40-question test.

Try out a few more questions in the article’s eight-question sampler.

Looking for more teen driving resources? Check out how you can “drive the conversation” when talking with your teen about driving. We created our Safe Teen Driver site to help parents guide their teens through the nerve-racking transition from passenger to driver – everything from knowing the steps to licensing, to coaching their kids, to monitoring behaviors once a teen gets licensed.   

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