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Old Glory flown more than Seahawks colors

Tuesday, November 10, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

Even with a 4-4 record, the Seahawks seem to remain the Northwest’s darlings.
     We see Seahawks colors everywhere, though not at the frenzied levels that come with the playoffs.
     That’s why our marketing team thought it would be fun to poll 1,200 Northwest residents and ask: How regularly do you display a Seahawks flag, banner, or sign? We thought we might learn more folks fly Hawk colors than the American flag.
     It turns out, that’s not the case.
     Our latest PEMCO Poll reveals that 26% of Washington and Oregon residents always or sometimes display Seahawks stuff, while 32% fly Old Glory on occasion and 21% fly it all the time.
     That doesn’t mean we’re a super-patriotic bunch here in the Northwest – 43% say they never display an American flag. But the stars and stripes appear more regularly than the Seahawks blue and green.
     As you’d expect, fewer people in Oregon fly Seahawks colors, just 10%. That’s not surprising considering the heated sports rivalry between Seattle and Portland dating back decades. Until a few years ago, it was Sonics-Blazers rancor. Before that, it was the Totems-Buckaroos battles in the large-market Western Hockey League.
     PEMCO also learned Portland-area residents are less likely to fly an American flag than those living in Eastern Oregon, 44% versus 50%. Based on my own observations, I expected to see the same east-west trend hold true up north, but no. Washington residents fly the stars and stripes equally on both sides of the Cascades.
     Read the full results in our news release, and take an informal version of the poll to see how your own answers stack up against those collected by FBK Research of Seattle.

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