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Peace of mind for bank-card breaches

Friday, January 31, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

Recent news of security breaches at Target stores has made its customers a bit nervous. My wife is a frequent Target shopper, so we’re on guard for unauthorized purchases on our bank card.
   I’m sure many PEMCO customers shop at Target, which has stores all over the Northwest. Perhaps you’ve wondered what you’d do if your own identity is ever stolen.
   If you’re a PEMCO customer, I’m pleased to remind you that you have help with PEMCO ID Smart™. It’s a value-added service, not a coverage you buy or add to your policy. It’s yours automatically if you’re a policyholder.
   In other words, PEMCO peeps have some peace of mind. Find out how PEMCO ID Smart can be your advocate.
Bovine barn blowup: We recently posted about a Snohomish County company that’s converting cow “byproduct” into biogas.
   Couldn’t help but reflect on that when I saw KOMO’s Jan. 28 news headline: Flatulent dairy cows blamed for barn explosion.
   Ninety cows lived in that barn. We hope (for upwind neighbors, anyway), that the 1,200 Snohomish cows live in the open air.

Fortress to fly: A Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber under restoration in Wichita might fly this summer, making it just the second flightworthy B-29 in the world.
   Boeing donated a hanger for the restoration of the craft, built in 1944. B-29 bombers are noteworthy for being the first planes to have a pressurized crew compartment and advanced radar.
   The B-29 named Enola Gay gained fame (or infamy) in August 1945 when it dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan.

Cascades Legion: Colorado’s governor has temporarily renamed his state’s highest Rocky Mountain peaks for members of the Denver Broncos.
   Mt. Elbert, the highest mountain at 14,439’, was renamed after quarterback Peyton Manning.
   I think Washington Gov. Jay Inslee should consider temporarily naming our highest majestic volcanoes after the Seahawks’ renowned Legion of Boom (since “boom” is appropriate for a volcano).
   Perhaps: 14,411-foot Mt. Kam Chancellor (Rainer); 12,280-foot Mt. Earl Thomas (Adams, shown above); 10,781-foot Mt. Richard Sherman (Baker, which already features Sherman Crater); and 10,541-foot Mt. Byron Maxwell (Glacier Peak).
  How about it, Governor?

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