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Portland Welcomes PEMCO to Their Annual CityFair: The Rose Festival!

Thursday, June 9, 2011by  WALLY Team

It was a four-day stretch in which we could officially call ourselves "carnies" at the Portland CityFair. However, in order to live up to the name, we decided that in addition to our usual photo program—taking pictures of volunteers to make them into Northwest Profiles—we should bring our brand new Cornhole set.

The entrance to CityFair in Portland

Set up similar to horseshoes, Cornhole uses two wooden boxes with a hole in the center of each along with corn filled bags for tossing. Making a successful debut, Cornhole was new to most fairgoers, except for one Portland local named Matt. He informed the crew of Cornhole's roundabout journey to the Northwest: "It's from Germany in the 1300s, but then was rediscovered in Kentucky over 100 years ago."

Yes she made it into the Cornhole.

As we juggled corn bags and solicited participation, we enjoyed getting to know the Portland locals and learning what makes Portland a little different.

One fairgoer, Susan, told us about Portland's notoriously confusing transportation structure, "Even locals get lost and turned around on all the bridges in Portland!" A sigh of relief to three PEMCO Brand Ambassadors who took four bridges to get to CityFair, rather than just the two that were necessary. Before we had felt a little different, but now we felt a lot like them!

The team continued to feel the Northwest bond when we met Jill, a young student at Portland State University, who told us, "You can see four seasons in a day here."

What a coincidence. Just the day before Pat and I had experienced rain, clouds and a cold breeze, which later yielded to sun breaks and blue skies.  We didn't see any icicles or snow, thankfully, but we did see a familiar pair of feet with socks wrapped in sandals. It was Portland's own Sandals and Socks Guy! We weren't able to get a picture of him, but it did develop into a few smiles around the PEMCO booth.

We knew we were in the Northwest after we met
some of Portland's local
Recumbent Bike Commuters

Being new to Portland, we were excited to hear the local reactions to PEMCO's Northwest Profiles, and there were some interesting responses...

  • The Super-Long Coffee Orderer: "I can spot these people from across the coffee shop, and I think to myself how these people would be if they weren't to get their special super-long coffee, but I know I wouldn't want to be there to see it."  - Professor William

Portland definitely knows how to do it right when it comes to fairs

There you have it, it turns out our neighbors are just like us, a little different.


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