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Portland serves up delicious eats and sweet treats at Eat Mobile

Thursday, May 2, 2013by  Mason Luvera

The WALLY team was more than excited when we learned we’d be heading down to Portland for the Eat Mobile food cart festival, which featured 50 different food carts – every Portland Food Cartlandian’s dream!

When we pulled up to the event, we were greeted with sunny skies and high temperatures; perfect this event.  We set up shop and offered our photo program to catch those great memories, and of course, we handed out some freebies for our Portland friends. 

One thing we definitely learned was that Portlandians are passionate about their food trucks and will take all necessary measures to ensure they can get a taste of their favorite foods. We knew this to be true once we noticed our popular PEMCO Frisbees weren’t being thrown, but we’re used as makeshift plates instead!  Clever, Portland!

The food ranged from traditional to gourmet, and the WALLY team did our best to sample them all.   We really enjoyed 808 Grinds’ delicious fried chicken on Asian slaw, as well as Pizza Contadino’s gourmet pizzas. We even discovered that many of the trucks at Eat Mobile specialized in dessert, and we weren’t going to miss an opportunity to sample Portland’s best sweet treats.

Eat Mobile had no shortage of great food, and we definitely loved tasting Portland’s best cuisine.  But the best part of this event wasn’t the treats; it was meeting and interacting with so many new people.  With sunshine in the sky and snacks at every corner, everyone had a great time.  As always, we love snapping photos of new and old friends, this time, while chatting about everyone’s favorite dish.

This event was one of our favorites, and it was a great way to kick-off the sunny season ahead.  Portland is quickly becoming a favorite destination for us, and we're excited to be back soon!


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